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Graham D. Hill
Owner / President / Sales / Purchasing

Mr. Hill was born and raised in the United Kingdom and entered the timber industry there in 1973.  He spent the first three years of his career undergoing comprehensive management training for a prominent timber merchant.  All aspects of the industry including sawmilling, kiln-drying, temperate and tropical log conversion and timber trade practices were all, practically, covered over this period. During this time, Mr. Hill also obtained his Associate degree from the Institute of Wood Science (A.I.W.Sc.).  Mr. Hill then spent four years specializing in the valuation and purchasing of logs and standing timber as the buyer for a sawmill in the south of England.

In 1981, Mr. Hill accepted a position as log and timber buyer for a U.K. company with offices in Liberia, West Africa. Following two years of training as assistant to the General Manager, Mr. Hill was promoted to the G.M. position and spent the next three years running the company’s Liberian office based in Monrovia. 

At the end of the 1985 West African logging season, Mr. Hill headed to Singapore with a mandate to perform an evaluation for a company office that was trading South East Asian sawn timber into Europe and Australasia.  Upon completion of this study and extensive travel in Malaysia and Sabah, Mr. Hill returned to the U.K. where he ran a company sawmill that cut and kilned tropical logs for the U.K. furniture trade.  At the end of 1986, Mr. Hill was promoted to Group Hardwood Buyer for Sabah Timber of the Harrison & Crosfied (H&C) organization whose head office was in the city of London.

In September of 1987, convinced of the bright future for temperate hardwoods in both the U.K. and Europe, Mr. Hill resigned from his position with H&C.  He traveled to Memphis, Tennessee and attended the NHLA lumber grading school.  Upon graduation, Mr. Hill then embarked upon an 18-month tour of U.S. sawmills and kiln-drying facilities.  In 1989, he established an office in Cincinnati, Ohio as a minority shareholder with a U.K.-based timber importer to continue to source and procure hardwoods and softwoods for the U.K. and European market.

Mr. Hill founded Anglo American Hardwoods in 1994 and has continued to source and procure both grade and industrial hardwoods and joinery grade softwoods for discerning customers in the U.K. and around the world.   Mr. Hill has dual U.K. and U.S. citizenship.

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